Our Plans


Young Teachers Collective is a nation-wide group of future and new teachers (5 years and under) fighting for a radically different and better education system. We exist to support one another during a time when the teaching profession is constantly under attack. We exist to make our voices heard in education discussions where our voices are often dismissed. We hope to educate other future teachers about issues in education, as well as teach others how we can organize now to fight for change. We exist because we believe the teaching profession and our future/current students are worth fighting for.


Each week a member of YTC will release a post about an issue they are passionate about, and/or an experience they have had as a future/new teacher. We hope these posts will give others insight to what it is like being a future/new teacher, and why our voices/perspective matter.

March 27, 2015: Not Just Naive Teachers, by YTC Coordinating Committee

At least once or twice a month we will host a Twitter chat on issues on education, particularly how it impacts young teachers. Please follow @YTCollective to be kept up to date on these chats. Our next chat is on the idea of “Naive Teachers” on Wednesday, April 1st at 8:30pm. Hashtag will be #NaiveTeacher


To learn more and get involved in YTC, please complete our interest form.

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