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  1. I think you are an amazing and importamt group. I just wanted to comment that there is a growing number of new teachers like myself who are not really “young”. I changed careers in my late forties and face the same rewards and big challenges as new teachers in their twenties. We too are committed to teaching and public education, and aren’t burned out like some of our peers!


  2. Perhaps having a role for veteran teachers in you organization might be a positive thing. We can certainly use your enthusiasm, knowledge and perspective, We can share with you what we know that may be helpful to your mission.


  3. I read the article on yahoo about veteran teachers and wanted to say something. Follow your hearts desire. I have been teaching for 37 years and have found it rewarding. The rewards aren’t always immediate but there will always be rewards. I recently ran into a student from my first year of teaching. She said something to me which I have always thought was the most vital thing for a teacher and is immeasurable. She told me that she appreciated my efforts because I cared. Lost in all the reform movements is the thought that the material is more important than the individual. If you support your students and care about them, the material and your intrinsic rewards will follow.

    For those of you entering the profession, good luck. I often tell people that there is never a dull moment working with teenagers. It can be emotionally draining but I don’t ever think anything else would have been as enjoyable.


  4. I’m a veteran teacher, and appreciate your inviting us to the Twitter chat. I hope you’ll find that many (I’d hope most!) of us are in your corner, cheering your passion and intelligence, and confident you’re more than ready to put your mark on the profession. One of my fears has been that as those of us who remember the pre-NCLB days (not that they were perfect, either) retire, there will be no one left who recognizes the stark difference between a data- and standards-driven practice and a constructivist, student-focused one. Reading your posts so far, I am confident you know the difference, and a whole lot more.

    I’ll try to “listen” in to your chat on the 1st. Is that 8:30 Eastern time?


  5. I second maryanne’s comments, particularly the fear that excited young people will despair of entering the field I so loved. I am personally thrilled to be a part of this site. You guys really “get” it! Shirley Willis, retired with 34 years in special education. Now writing Naked Teaching a novel of truths about teaching. See me @ShirleyWill3.


  6. I’m in the process of attempting to change careers at 30 from a state office job into teaching Physical Education and am both excited and terrified about it. The teachers I know tell me not to get into it, but I know that I can make a positive impact somewhere. The biggest challenge is leaving my comfy job for a life as a grad student. I’m not crazy about giving up my whole life for a possible $40,000/yr salary and a mountain of student loan debt on the other side. I am staying the course though because I feel it will be worth it. This group stands for something great. I hope I can find some individuals in the group who can lend me some support and advice.


  7. I am recently retired from small Billings Middle School in Seattle, and I have just heard about social studies and math teacher openings next year at the school. These positions haven’t been posted yet, but will be soon. The school is actively seeking teachers of color, with a commitment to education for social justice and a progressive approach to creating a healthy school environment.


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