“La revolución se hace del aula”: Chilean teachers on working conditions, strikes and feminist education

Isidora Romero, 26, and Jennifer Gutierrez, 26, played the part of Communist, feminist, vegan teachers in a skit performed for their high school students in Santiago, Chile. That is also their role in real life.


Art vs. Ads: A Photo Essay of Resistance to Education Privatization in Chile

By: Daniel Bergerson
Education is Chile’s number one conflict, and the writing is on the wall. For the past ten years in Chile, young people have been leading the fight to restore education as a social right guaranteed by the state rather than a commodity bought and sold on the market. From university buildings to bathroom stalls, popular art connects the collective memory of resistance to the dictatorship with the ongoing student movement.

YTC Reflection Guide

Reflection comes in many forms, including but not limited to classroom stories, free-verse poetry, movement updates, visual art, activist interviews, pedagogical narratives, statistical analyses, learner portraits, flash memoirs, how-to articles, photo essays, open letters, children’s stories, research summaries, lesson plans, and more. If you would like guidance with your reflection, consider these lenses and prompts adapted from The Reflective Educator’s Guide to Classroom Research.