Dear God, Convince Me

A poem by Evan Taylor

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Dear God…


it is me again…


but this time i am standing in the need of prayer

i am sitting in need of an answer to a million unread emails i have sent to you over the years

they go as follows


can you convince police officers that i am not a pinata?

can you convince white fathers that i don’t want to rape their daughters?

can you convince white women that i don’t want their purses?

can you convince me that the only time I will be driven in a car will be when me and my brothers ride in hearses?

can you convince my teacher to teach me about me?

can you convince my girlfriend to put on this ring?

can you return to me that reason, for which i used to sing?

can you convince me that girls like me and not the idea of me?

can you convince me to convince younger mes that it is worth struggling to struggle like me?

can you tell my struggle that it is strangling me?

can you convince me that it is all worth a crown and spot in glory

even when no one listens to little black boys stories?

can you convince me that i will see my ancestors in glory?

can you tell me of the old, old story?

way back when i lived with you in glory?

can you?

can you?

can you?


can you send a response every now and then

stop acting like the people who pretend to be my friends

i keep sending you messages but it seems like you do not reply

even though one of your sons said he will come in the twinkling of an eye

well my eyes have been twinkling so long like a little star

and some days i still wonder what and who you are

up above the world so high

like an earless father in the sky


i know you hear me and are ready to convince

but the pockets of my mind are empty and i need some sense


can you convince me that you are coming back soon?


i’ll shoot you a message again real soon

maybe next time i’ll join the cow and the spoon

hopefully you will hear me better as we jump over the moon


Evan Taylor Teaching (1)My name is Evan Taylor, I am a graduating senior at the University of Illinois at Chicago majoring in Urban Education. I completed my student teaching at Spencer Technology Academy a school within Chicago’s west side community. I am the creator of many different mathematics curriculum that I have created for various STEM camps, but most of my lessons and curricula lean towards conversations around social justice. I LOVE TEACHING, I believe it is one of the gifts that God has given me to share with the world and to use to make the world a better place. Previous post on the blog can be found here.

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